Company Profile
Progressive Telephone, Inc. was established in 1992 by Charles "Chuck" McFarland, Henri "Chip" Nadeau and Thomas "Tom" Collins.  After two years, Mr. McFarland, a graduate of New York University, decided to put his academic credentials to work in another direction and sold his shares to the two remaining partners.
By 2001 the company had grown to be a full service telecommunications contract company employing over 140 qualified people throughout the United States.  The company goal is to provide clients with quality services while providing its employees with great work opportunities and a good working environment.
We treat our employees with respect and want them to know that each one has an important role in the success of our firm.  
You will find that our craftsmen take great pride in both the quality of their work, and the visual beauty of their finished product.
    Our Specialists
  • Site Acquistion Specialists "Licensed RE Agent"
  • RCDD Specialists
  • BICSI Certified Engineers 
  • OSP Design Specialist
  • Expert Inspectors